6 Trending House Interior Colours

It’s always a little bittersweet to say goodbye to summer—we’ll always love sunshine and warm days. However, the end of summer also signals the beginning of another favourite season of ours: winter! When winter arrives, you may sense it in the air. The wind has a crisp edge to it, so you’ll probably want a jacket. It’s a time when warmth and comfort are at their height! It’s definitely a time that calls for some sweaters! But, alongside it, the end of summer heralds the return of another season of ours: winter! When winter comes, you can sense it in the air. The wind has a bit of a bite to it, so you might want to grab a sweater. It’s a time for cuddling up with plenty of warmth and ambience!

While your wardrobe undoubtedly adapts to match the season, why not change your décor to go with it? It’s much easier than you’d think! You don’t have to redo your entire space. Simply adding some beautiful winter colours may be all it takes.

Winter colors

When it comes to finding ideas for your house’s Winter makeover, the best place to start is to consider how the season affects you. What springs to mind when you think about the weather, your favourite seasonal activities, or even your clothing? For many individuals (including ourselves), the first terms that spring to mind are pleasant and cozy. This implies you’ll be searching for colours with a warm undertone such as crimson, orange, yellow, or brown. However, that isn’t your only option! To even things out, you’ll need a few complimentary cooler colors. Look outside your window for some additional inspiration! On gray days, you’ll notice warm hues in the leaves, but you’ll also see cool tones in the bark of trees, the sky on those grey days, and the grass as it slowly emerges from dormancy.

Consider how you’ll use each room and what kind of feelings you want to evoke while spending time in it while choosing which ones to paint with winter hues. Winter colors are great for areas that need human interaction, such as a formal living room or dining area, a cozy den, a tiny reading nook, or a family room.


While the changing leaves are an obvious point of color inspiration, those shades of red, yellow, and orange can be a bit on the bright side for most people. You don’t have to stick to super vibrant shades to get that Winter feeling. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite colors to help you get inspired!


What’s more pleasant and comforting than a cup of coffee on a chilly morning? Nothing comes to mind! Mocha is a brown hue with a smooth appearance that makes it ideal for drawing attention to brighter pieces. It’s a gorgeous neutral that provides warmth while also allowing you great versatility. It looks beautiful with autumn oranges, reds, and yellows, yet it also works well with colors from every season.


The colour green has a relaxing effect on the mind, so it’s always a wonderful choice for walls. That’s precisely what you want when you’re ready to relax at home! Olive works well with natural wood tones, earthy browns, and buttery yellows. Once again, it’s a hue that screams winter but doesn’t feel out of place in any other season. You may easily create a spring composition using pink and creamy beige to add interest.


Eggplant has a lot of personalities and is excellent for more a more dramatic and alluring tone. This royal purple hue definitely adds drama to any area, yet it isn’t overbearing. It would look great in a formal dining room or living room used for entertaining. It goes well with darker wood tones, olive green, and softer neutrals like grey or ivory white.


If you want a bright color, ochre is a fantastic option. The hue is derived from a natural clay earth pigment with the same name and runs from yellow to orange in hue. A slightly more yellow variant is extra appealing since it adds brightness while maintaining the earthy feel. It looks great with darker hues like taupe-gray or black to ground the area. If you want to make it lighter, go for a very soft buttery yellow and light gray.


For those who prefer to keep things simple, wheat is a beautiful neutral for an all-over wall color. It’s almost like white, but it has a bit of depth to it. It’s ideal for lighter blue tones, silvery grey, sage green, and light brown. A creamy-white with a hint of yellow offers just the right amount of warmth!


Of course, nothing says winter like crimson! A bright, fiery red wall, on the other hand, maybe overwhelming in a small area. Try something that resembles your favourite glass of red wine for a more comfortable and cozy take on this classic hue! This berry red has some depth to it. It’s vibrant yet not distracting. This colour works well with creamy white, light beige, taupe, deep blue, and butternut yellow.

Don’t you just feel at ease after seeing these lovely winter hues? JCS Painting is here to help if you want to add some autumn elements to your house. We can assist you in selecting the ideal color for your area, as well as provide you with the pleasant, welcoming room of your dreams. What’s more, we can make your place look entirely different very quickly.

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