Paint Preparation

Paint Prep – The Key to Success

Paint Prep – The Key to Success

Whether your painting project is big or small, preparation is the key to success. Our team knows the best tips and tricks to get the preparation right. When we arrive at a new project, we ensure that all furniture is removed or covered, then begin the extensive room preparation.

Preparing surfaces for painting

If you need us to paint a newly plastered wall, paint prep won’t be as hard. Prep is still required, but it won’t be nearly as extensive as compared to a wallpapered wall. All we will have to do is ensure that the new wall is perfectly smooth with some light sanding and then prime it. We have to prime the wall with sealer before painting so that the wall doesn’t soak up the paint like a sponge. If we don’t prime the wall with sealer first, we will waste an enormous amount of paint as the wall will continue to absorb the paint. Remember that even a freshly painted new plaster wall will need time to dry before you get decorating. Our team will make sure to give you a good timeline to when you can decorate.

Already painted walls, and other old surfaces need a bit more care before painting to make sure they turn out as beautiful as possible. Typically there is much more sanding required to remove the old paint and smooth out edges. After all the sanding, smoothing and patching is completed, some cleanup is required to ensure that the new coat of paint and primer will properly bond to the surface. After cleanup to remove any grease, soap and other contaminants, the surfaces must dry fully before our team starts painting.

How Are We Going to Paint Preparation?
Paint preparation service in Edmonton

Should you paint over wallpaper? Basic answer is no. It is possible to paint over wallpaper, but it is certainly not recommended. In the vast majority of situations where we are asked to paint a surface that is coated with wallpaper, we have to first remove the wallpaper. Depending on the wallpaper, the techniques used to remove the wallpaper may vary. After removing the wallpaper, our team will follow the steps from the already painted surfaces section and complete the project.

Room preparation includes a variety of tasks to ensure the painted product is flawless. It includes tasks such as sanding and scuffing surfaces to guarantee adhesion, filling holes and crack, caulking gaps in the trim, sealing stains and washing surfaces. If you have any questions about our paint preparation, feel free to give us a call!

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