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Having Troubles Choosing a Color?

Choosing a color can be difficult. The color of a room can impact mood, energy levels, and even appetite. Color can influence the overall look and style of a project giving your home or business an entirely new look and feel. Our team at JCS painting has been painting Edmonton for years and are experts in color choice and style and are ready to help you decide. We have a variety of colors to choose from and a large database of past projects that can help you see the options in real life situations.

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Painting color selection guide by JCS Painting for your home or office wall painting

What Colour Should I Choose for Painting?

What colour to choose can be a daunting question, but at the end of the day it’s a very important decision. Colours can have a psychological impact on a space as well as a style impact. JCS has a detailed list of the impact that colours can have on the mind.



Blue symbolizes the sky and the heavens. It represents trustworthiness, loyalty, friendliness and strength. Blue creates a calming and cooling effect that can work great in spaces like bedrooms.



Yellow is the colour of happiness, inspiration and summer. It’s seen as a modern colour and can create a newer feeling to a space. If you are looking for a summer feeling without a bright colour, pale yellow often does the trick.



Purple tends to represent royalty, luxury and wealth. It inspires imagination, creativity and wisdom. If you want to create a sense of relaxation and serenity, purple may be a good choice.



Confidence, excitement and energy are stimulated by the colour red. It can give a space a passionate, energetic, outgoing and courageous feeling. If you want the space to be a bit more cheerful, a lighter variant like candy apple red can be a good choice.



Calm, natural and relaxing are the common characteristics of the colour green. In addition, it can have effects such as joy, harmony and energy. People who like green are said to believe in balance, stability and persistence. Lime green can bring a bit more energy to a room as well.



Pink is a seen as a delicate variant of the red colour family. Compared to red, pink is more tranquil and can work well in a bedroom. Those who like pink tend to be perceived as feminine, innocent and or romantic.



Brown typically represents earth, security and contentment. People who like brown tend to love nature, simplicity and comfort.



Orange symbolizes balance, warmth, vibrancy and enthusiasm while demanding attention. It’s wholesome and fruitful. People who like orange are friendly and tend to get along well with others. Orange also stimulates appetite and can work well in a dining area.



Silver is the colour of wealth. It is associated with style and motivation. Silver accents in a room can create feelings of richness.



Youth and cleanliness are represented by the colour white. It’s a perfect colour for those who prefer a contemporary style. Warmer shades of white make a room feel cozier, while cooler shades create a more formal feel.



Black symbolizes elegance, mystery and power. People who like black tend to be ambitious and sophisticated. Be cautious though, too much black can create a depressing environment. It is best used as an accent colour.



Gray is a classic and elegant in style, working well with the majority of colours. Discipline and intelligence are associated with gray. Warm versions of the colour create lively and inviting spaces.