JCS Commercial Painting Edmonton

Our team at JCS Painting specialize in commercial painting, both interior and exterior. The importance of fresh paint in your business should not be underestimated. The first aspect of your business that your customers will likely notice is the appearance of your physical space. Physical appearance can also impact the attitudes of your staff, meaning that a freshly painted space will likely lead to increased efficiency and care.

JCS Painting has years of experience painting for a variety of commercial clients in the Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our ability to quickly assess the needs of our clients and deliver quality results have made us one of the leading commercial painting companies in the area.

Some examples of commercial clients JCS serves are:

If your business operates with constrained schedules as is not able to shut down for an extended period of time, our team is able to schedule painting on weekends, holidays and evenings. This way you can continue to operate as usual with minimal downtime.

Why is it Important to Paint Your Business?

Economic Benefits

A professionally painted business will quickly gain an aesthetic advantage over competitors. It’s a known fact that customers like businesses that have a clean and professional appearance, and a new paint job will help maintain that look. If clients are more attracted to your business, they are more likely to spend their money there, resulting in increased revenue and a more successful business. In the event that you are renting or selling a commercial space, a fresh coat of paint will instantly increase the spaces value.

Cost Effectiveness

Painting is a critical part of building maintenance as it helps to protect the wall and ceiling structures from moisture and other contaminants. Moisture and other contaminants can cause undue stress to building structures that can shorten their life and lead to major expenses to repair the damage. Keeping a good, quality coat of paint on your building surfaces is a low cost maintenance option to help prevent expensive repairs.

Competitive Edge and Visual Beauty

The psychology of colours is a proven science, and painting your business allows you to take advantage of it. To begin with, vibrant, bright colors can create an impression of vitality and energy; more sober, neutral shades are great choices to suggest reliability and calmness. Periodic paint maintenance will also affect the way potential customers perceive your company, most people favoring visually appealing, friendly looking businesses. Employee morale and productivity are also positively impacted by a nicely maintained business space. In addition, painting your commercial space allows you to match your space with your logo creating the ultimate in professional looking spaces.