All Painting Services

Paint Preparation

Whether your painting project is big or small, preparation is the key to success. Our team knows the best tips and tricks to get the preparation right.

Special Finishes

Ever come across a standard look and wonder what you can do to make it better? Our team specializes in a variety of special finishes that can take your space from ordinary to exquisite.


JCS Painting uses Kilz blocking primer that allows us to paint over stains, smells and major discoloration.

Commercial Painting

JCS Painting has years of experience painting for a variety of commercial clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our ability to quickly assess the needs of our clients and deliver quality results has made us one of the leading commercial painting companies in the area.

Residential Painting

Our skilled team has become one of the leading residential painting companies with our ability to deliver top-quality results in short time frames at a competitive price. We know the time and effort it takes to complete a beautiful home paint job so we are dedicated to making our services well worth the expense.


Our team consists of skilled carpenters that specialize in building repair allowing us to deliver quality repair services that ensure the exterior finish is able to retain its long -term performance.


JCS believes that professionalism is a key to success, and our team embodies this notion throughout all aspects of our work and personal lives.

Customer Service

In the painting industry, very similar to most industries, customer satisfaction is the key to success.

Quality Assurance

Our on-going training processes ensure that our team stays up to date with industry best practices and latest painting technologies allowing you the confidence in a job well done.

Upfront Pricing

We provide honest upfront pricing so that you know the real cost of your painting projects.

Interior Painting

Our skilled team has become one of the leading residential painting companies with our ability to deliver top-quality results in short time frames at a competitive price. There is no job too big or small for JCS, and we even excel at the most challenging residential features.

Exterior Painting

Our team specializes in exterior painting for residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking to change the color of your house or wanting to give your business a new curb appeal, JCS Painting is your solution.

Color Consulting

Our team at JCS painting has been painting Edmonton for years and are experts in color choice and style and are ready to help you decide. We have a variety of colors to choose from and a large database of past projects that can help you see the options in real-life situations.

Brush & Roll

Brush and roll painting is an age-old technique still in use today to produce evenly coated walls and structures without the over-spray that can be caused by spray guns.


Painting your ceiling will cause the room to become much brighter and whiter, the room will also likely smell much fresher. The majority of customers have their ceilings painted when their walls and trims are done.


New build projects and major painting projects require effective speed to stay on schedule and on budget, as well as detailed work such as doors and trim.


As a part of our Restoration services, we offer a variety of waterproofing services. It is important for exterior surfaces to be waterproofed and maintained to prevent water ingress and potential damage.

Specialty Coatings

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