Painting with Spraying in Edmonton

Painting with Spraying

New build projects and major painting projects require effective speed to stay on schedule and on budget, as well as detailed work such as doors and trim. To meet the requirements that new build projects and major projects require, JCS Painting has a variety of paint sprayers available.

Sprayers provide perfect finishes on ceiling and detail work such as doors and trim. However, paint sprayers cannot be used for re-painting projects where there are already tenants or furniture in the building due to over-spray concerns.

Some common applications for spray systems are:

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When Should I Really Spray?

Painting with spraying

Large New Interior Spaces

In the early phases of remodeling, spaces are often blank canvases. These blank canvases are often perfectly suited to spraying as there is very little masking to be done. Typically in such situations the only masking required is for plumbing cut outs, electrical boxes and windows. Spraying allows for a much quicker process than rolling.

Exteriors with Clear Perimeters

A clear perimeter means a perimeter that is free of decks, mature landscaping, play sets, garages, equipment and other things that you don’t want painted. Having a clear exterior allows you to simply mask the structure you are going to paint and begin spraying. If you are able to paint an exterior you will save lots of time in the process.

Detailed or Textured Works

Paint sprayers are the best tool for detailed textures. They make extremely short work out of complicated textures found on baseboards, crown moulding, popcorn or cottage cheese ceilings, cornices, dentils and masonry. Paint sprayers are able to work in tight spaces that if rolled would creates pools of paint.