Restore Your Project to It’s Original Glory

Restore Your Project to It’s Original Glory

Many projects require repairs and restoration prior to being painted. If the repairs aren’t completed prior to painting, the painting or other exterior finish will not have the long term performance that is intended. Our team consists of skilled carpenters that specialize in building repair allowing us to deliver quality repair services that ensure the exterior finish is able to retain its long term performance.

Our local weather in Edmonton can be unpredictable and difficult to work with, and as such our team has developed repair procedures that are well suited to our environment. One of the most common repairs is that to concrete structures such as balcony edges and building corners where the structure must be reshaped prior to coating. Our team is able to restore almost all concrete structures to their original beauty, even when there is significant rebar corrosion.

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Types of Restoration

Disaster Restoration

Unfortunately disasters happen, and when they do, the restoration must begin. The purpose of disaster restoration is to restore a home or commercial space to it’s original glory after damaging situations such as fire, water, wind, or other accidents. Disaster restoration includes cooperation of a variety of contractors and typically involves insurance as well. Our team is experienced in being a part of the expert disaster restoration teams that can turn a disaster into art.

Historical Restoration

The purpose of historical restoration is to bring an older home or commercial space back to it’s original historic beauty. If you’re home was built in the 1700’s or 1800’s, you may wish to restore it to it’s original look. In such projects, our team often has lots of staining work to do, but in doing so, it yields amazing results. If you are interested in starting a historical restoration project that requires traditional painting or staining, let us know and we will be sure to help you out.