What are the questions you should ask a painter before getting your house painted?

What are the questions you should ask a painter before getting your house painted?

If you plan to get your home painted, it is essential that you first hire a reputed painter to help you with the process. Although the painting job will be done by experts contribution of the homeowner is often required. For example, certain items need to be packed and removed beforehand to make it easier for the painters to start the work. You will also need to ensure that breakable items are removed first and stored away safely so that these do not get damaged once the painting project begins. Hence, you will need to ask your contractor specific questions regarding your house painting project so that the work is completed on schedule and as per your requirements.

Questions that you should ask your painting contractor

Some of the questions that you should ask your painting contractor are as follows:

1 What is the plan for proceeding with the project?

It is essential to sit down with your contractor and ask him for details as to the schedule of the ­project. He will give you an outline regarding the time he would take to carry out each part of the painting project. You cannot start painting your house right away. There are several steps that need to be covered before you can start painting your house. Your contractor will tell you how much time will be needed to remove the old paint, dirt and grime from the walls. After that, you will have to evaluate the time required for priming the walls for the paint. Finally, you will have to discuss the time he will take to repaint the walls. You will also have to discuss what he will take to undertake any minor repairs that your house might need. He should draw up a plan for repainting your house, and this will give you an idea of the time it will take to complete the project. Similarly, if you plan to paint both the exterior and interior of your home, you must mention this to him. He can then give you a total estimate of how he plans to proceed with the project and how long it will take for him to complete it. It is important to ensure that the work is completed on time.

2 Is he licensed to carry out the work?

When you hire a contractor to do the painting of your home, you must ask him about his licenses. He should have the necessary licenses and permissions to carry out painting projects in the region. Moreover, the licenses should be not just for residential projects but for commercial ones as well. This is necessary to assure you that he has all the required permissions to carry out essential construction work necessary to ensure a painting work is completed with ease. The contractor must acquire credentials and licenses to carry out work in residences and commercial centers. They also need to be registered to carry out such work. Ensure that the contractor you have hired has all the necessary credentials.

3 How many people will be on the crew, and are they reliable?

You must ask your contractor regarding the number of members in the crew. It is necessary to get an idea of the number of people working in your home throughout the day. A painting project can prove to be quite cumbersome. It is necessary to get an idea of the people in your home for the better part of the day. You will need to arrange your household work accordingly. It will also help you gain confidence in the services provided by the firm. Painting service providing firms usually carry out extensive background checks of the people they hire. This ensures that the crew members are trustworthy and reliable. However, you will still need to discuss the number of crew members working in your house and their background. This will assure you of the authenticity of the company as well.

4 What kind of paint will he be using?

It is essential to ask your contractor about the type of paint that he will be using. The quality and the type of paint is the essential part of the entire project. He should also help you select suitable colors for the rooms of your home. The color scheme will depend on the usage of the room. For example, if you have a separate room designated as your children’s playroom, you can have it brightly colored. You can even have designs and patterns imprints printed on the walls. This can make a room appear bright and attractive. The best person to guide you regarding the type of paint to be used and the color scheme will be your contractor.

5 What are the references?

You can always ask your contractor to provide references and reviews of previous work that he has carried out. These not only act as an added assurance but can also help you gain confidence in your work. If you can evaluate these reviews and find that most of these are positive, you can be assured that the firm will provide good service. They will try to complete the work as mentioned on the schedule and as per your requirements. Painting a house is an extensive project, and you need to be assured of the firm and the contractor to whom you are giving the project. To be assured of this, you need to see the references.

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