Want a Textured Accent Wall? Do This

A textured accent wall is an excellent method to freshen up any space in your house. These focal walls provide drama, intensity, and depth to the room. So get a style that’s all yours beyond the usual coat of paint.

Venetian Plaster

There are several methods to make a textured accent wall, including fake finishing or using a specific paint, such as suede, sandstone, or metallic. However, Venetian wall plaster is one of our all-time favourite ways to add texture to a space.

This wall and ceiling paint’s rich, glossy color comes from a combination of plaster with marble dust that is applied in many layers to produce a thick, glossy finish. This low-maintenance finish will decorate your kitchen or bathroom. It’s non-toxic, low-VOC, and breathable, so it’s naturally antibacterial.

Faux Finishing

Faux finishing is a decorative painting technique that attempts to duplicate the surface texture of other materials, such as wallpaper, marble, wood, or fabric. To create the appearance of a textured accent wall, you may use a variety of faux finishing techniques.

A rag or sponge roller, for example, can make your walls look like plaster or marble. Alternatively, you may create a visual effect known as color washing by carefully dragging a glaze across the surface in a circular motion. You may also paint any geometric design on your walls, such as stripes or checkerboards, using two distinct colors of paint or one color with a glaze. The fake finishing on children’s bedrooms adds texture while still being beautiful in a master bedroom, especially when utilized as an accent wall behind the bed.

Metallic Paint

Make your walls gleam with metallic paint or glaze. Metallic paints are now available in the water-based form, and they’re applied the same as any other paint. Try painting one entire wall in brilliant gold or try rose-gold stripes in a powder room. And when it comes to metallics, you can also get metallic plaster, which combines glass and mica for a rich colour that glows.

Sandstone Paint

The smooth, textured acrylic paint has a distinctive texture. The paint boasts of a rough finish that is somewhat gritty to the touch. It’s one of the simplest and quickest textured accent-wall finishes to apply – simply roll it on as you would any other paint. Try it in a guy cave or a seaside-style guest room.

Brushed Suede Paint

With brushed suede paint, you can give your walls a leathery appearance and texture. This textured finish, like sandstone and metallic paint, rolls on as easily as any other paint. The finish is delicate and difficult to scratch, and repairs may be hard to blend into the surrounding colour scheme because of this, so it’s best utilized in low-traffic areas. Consider using it in a guest room.

Textured Wallpaper

Grasscloth and embossed papers are popular because they’re flexible and simple to use. With a virtually infinite number of textures and patterns to choose from, you may personalize a textured accent wall to your tastes. Grasscloth and home offices go well together; think of peanut butter sandwiches To create the appearance of old ceiling tiles, try using an embossed wallpaper in a guest bathroom or on the ceiling.

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