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Waterproofing Service before Painting

As a part of our Restoration services, we offer a variety of waterproofing services. It is important for exterior surfaces to be waterproofed and maintained to prevent water ingress and potential damage. Our waterproofing services include all types of caulking, epoxy, membrane installation for balconies, decks, parapet walls, pool areas and custom areas and more.

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Why is Waterproofing Important

Waterproofing is the key to avoiding expensive repairs that are caused by moisture getting into drywall, structures and insulation. Having moisture get into these areas can create mold and mildew that will cause damage to the structure and could produce a toxic environment to those in the area.

In environments where there is high levels of humidity, or in areas such as Edmonton where we have drastic weather changes that can cause condensation. Other common surfaces such as wood, stucco and concrete building can also be waterproofed as a preventative measure. Again, waterproofing is the key to preventing very costly maintenance, and potential downtime if it’s your business.